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Sound Journeys

I never really knew how to listen.

I listened to music while I was running, or to a podcast while making dinner.

Sure, I've had plenty of conversations and listened to people talking but if I'm being honest, I spent most of those conversations thinking. 

I would be thinking - that is, talking to myself inside my head - about my to-do list, whether I locked my front door and what I should say next.

The art of listening - truly listening - is in fact an art. Most of the time, we aren't really listening because we are multitasking, thinking about multiple things at once, or noticing other stimuli coming through our eyes, hands, nose or mouth.

What active listening gives you, is space. It allows you to disconnect from the incessant chatter of the "monkey mind", and enter the realm of the senses. It allows you to really feel your emotions, instead of analyzing them with the mind. It allows you to access parts of your memories and your subconscious that you can't ordinarily access in your everyday waking state.

Scientifically speaking, deep meditation through active listening moves you out of the Default Mode Network (thinking about the self, thinking about others, thinking about the past and the future) and into the present moment.

So what's so great about the present moment?

Practicing being in the present moment brings you peace. It allows you to see truth, without story. It allows you to connect with your inner knowing. Our suffering comes from thinking about the past and the future, neither of which we can change much.

The Sound Meditation is not a sound bath or sound healing. The sound will not "heal" you or bathe you in a certain feeling. Instead, you will learn how to be the creator of your own experience and you will be guided in how to use the sound as a tool for inner exploration.

Connect with your intuition and your subconscious, and awaken yourself to a whole new world of sensation.


How We Will Work Together

The sound journey combines breathwork, vocal toning and active listening for a deep meditative and spiritual exploration. This is a live experience during which you'll be laying on a mat wearing an eye mask in order to facilitate a deeper immersion in the sound.


During the meditation, I'll guide you in breath and vocalizing exercises and will play various instruments that have been used by spiritual communities for centuries to elicit expanded states of consciousness. These include gong, Himalayan singing bowls, harps, tuning forks, chimes and various other instruments that will assist you in dropping into a deep meditative state.

For any big expanded states work, it's important to set intentions, so in our introductory session I'll guide you in that process to help you get the most out of the experience. What limiting belief are you ready to let go of? What are you ready to call into your life?

I offer one-on-one sessions or groups, and the journey can range from 90 minutes to 6 hours (indeed!) We'll discuss what is best for you during our discovery call. I also offer monthly group journeys in New York and San Francisco. If you'd like to be on my mailing list, you can request that below.

Set up a discovery meeting

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