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The Sensualist® Experience


We need to practice giving and receiving touch.

We need to learn how to express our boundaries and our desires.

We need to be able to play, laugh and be vulnerable together.

We need to learn how to be with the opposite sex, without always escalating things.

Men and women need spaces to be vulnerable, to share intimacy and divine pleasure outside of the sexual context. We miss out on so much when we rush to get to the finish line. 

The Sensualist® Experience is an interactive event for mixed groups, couples, singles and everything in between, to explore the art of the senses in a safe container.

It is not a play party.

Through exercises, workshops, sharing circles, music, dance, meditation and a lot of creative expression, The Sensualist® Experience is your chance to slow down and feel, taste, smell, hear and experience the beauty of the human experience.

Available for private group bookings.

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