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Personal Styling Services

How you dress is important.

Not for any other reason than it is important for you: your mood, your inspiration and how you see yourself.

I believe that dressing for yourself is a sacred act.

I know this is controversial. I know that it's popular to say that style, clothing and how we adorn ourselves is all frivolous and unimportant.

But consider this - when you want to feel powerful for a big meeting, sexy for a new date, or cozy on a cold night in; how do you dress? Do you wear the same thing for each of those moods? I would guess probably not.

The art of sensual dressing has very little to do with dressing "sexy" - unless of course that's how you want to feel in that particular moment.

Sensual dressing is based in mindfulness, but there's an added focus on dressing in a way that speaks to your senses. Dressing sensually may include choosing:

Colors that make you feel happy

Patterns which inspire your sense of romance

Materials that feel delicious against the skin

Metal bracelets that sound like strength when they knock against something hard

Silhouettes that accentuate your beautiful body

Heels that turn you on as they clatter on cobblestones

Dressing sensually is the easiest way to connect deeply with your body and influence how you want to feel.

It is a fun and powerful way to express your creativity every single day.

Elevate the way you see yourself and let it be a reflection of the beauty you are inside.


How We Will Work Together

On an introductory call, I'll guide you through an embodiment practice to get you out of your head and into your body. From there we'll explore your goals: how do you want to feel every day? What is your true essence? How do you see yourself now, and how would you like to see yourself?

As a stylist, my goal isn't to make you look "good", my goal is to make you feel amazing. You'll receive prompts to get your own creative juices flowing and based on your direction, I'll create moodboards, source clothing and help you put it all together.

I am committed to sustainable dressing so most of what I source is vintage or up-cycled. We'll work within your budget and will flow together as a collaboration. This is a different kind of styling. If in our process, we discover that wearing a grey sack over your head every day makes you light up like a brilliant star, then I will source 20 different grey sacks for you to adorn yourself in! All vintage of course ;)

Containers are 3 or 6 months. I also offer special occasion styling services for events such as Burning Man.

Set up a discovery meeting

Thanks, I'll be in touch!

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